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Cindy Day

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Home Stager Checklist

To find more information about anything or if you have any questions please Contact Me. If you are planning on buying or selling your home or property please visit my Buyers Page or Sellers Page and I will be happy to help you.



_____ No Burned Out Light Bulbs (Try to use Highest Wattage Allowed)

_____ Open All Curtains and Blinds (Should Appear to be at Same level From Street)

_____ Skylights Should Be Crystal - Clear

_____ Evening: Well-Lit Walk Ways, All Lights on in House


_____ All Potential Hazards Eliminated (Walkways cleared, no loose stones/tiles, no low-hangin fixtures)

_____ Put Rubber Mats on Slippery Surfaces


_____ Keep Pets Locked Up

_____ Put Feeding Dishes and Litter Boxes Out of Site


_____ Turn off TV

_____ Play Low-Volume, Non-Confrontational Music on Stereo (Blues, Jazz, Classical, etc)

_____ If Construction or Heavy Traffic, etc is Going on Nearby, Schedule Showings During Quieter Times of the Day


_____ Put Away Valuables and Keys

_____ Remove of Lock Up All Firearms

_____ Put Away all Medicines and Prescription Drugs


____ Arrange Furniture to Give Rooms as Spacious a Feeling as Possible

____ Avoid Crowded Scenes (Limit Company)

____ Refinish/Touch-Up Woodwork

____ Wash all Windows and Replace Broken Window Panes

____ Vacuum Carpets and Dust Regularly


____ Burn Vanilla Candle, Bake Something (bread, cookies, etc) or Brew Coffee

____ Empty Trash Cans

____ Don't Smoke Inside

____ Lubricate and Adjust all Sliding Doors and Windows



____ If You Have One, Use It!

____ Make Sure Ashes are Cleaned Out

____ Place Logs on Grate

____ Re-paint Screen, if Needed

In Summer:

____ Open Windows for Cool Breeze OR Turn on Air Conditioner

____ Shampoo Carpets

____ Store Extra Pictures, Collections, Trophies, Magazines, etc.


____ Get Rid of Excess Furniture

____ Colorful Bedspreads and Curtains

____ Invest in Under-bed Storage Containers


____ Cleanliness is the Key

____ Clear off Countertops

____ Clean and Organize all Cabinets and Drawers

____ Use Your Best Soaps and Towels

____ No Dripping Faucets

____ Repair Damaged Caulking in Tubs and Showers

____ Remove Mold and Mineral Deposits from Surfaces

____ Toilet Lids Down


____ No Sticking Doors

____ Leave Lights on and Door Ajar

____ Well-organized to Accentuate Space

____ Remove Clothing that is Out Of Season

____ Leave as Few Items on Floor or Shelves as Possible


____ No Dripping Faucets

____ No Sticking Doors on Cabinets

____ Grind a fresh lemon in the Garbage Disposal

____ Clear All Counters

____ Clean All Appliances Until They Sparkle

____ Display Scented Soap and Fresh Towels

____ Remove Leaf from Table and Store Extra "Guest" chairs

____ Set Table with Attractive Arrangement

____ Clear Clutter and Personal Items off Refrigerator

____ Make Sure Oven is Clean

____ Wax Wood or Vinyl Floors


____ Well-Manicured Lawn

____ Neatly Trimmed Shrubs

____ Clutter-Free Porch

____ Freshly Scrubbed/Painted front Door

____ Make Sure Doorbell Works

____ Autumn... Rake Leaves

____ Winter... Shovel Walk

____ Summer... Plant/Fertilize

____ Welcome Mat on Doorstep

____ Repair Gutters, Loose Shutters, Broken Railings

____ Remove Oil Spots from Driveway

____ Repair and Patch Driveway Cracks

____ Make Needed Repairs on Fences

____ Check Visibility of House Numbers

____ Polish Knobs and Handles on Doors

____ Store Water Hose

____ Make Sure Sprinkler Doesn't Water the Walkway

____ Clean and Free of Unnecessary Items

____ Insure Stairs are Cleared and Well-Lighted and Have a Secure Handrail

____ Rent Off-Site Storage to Open Up Space

____ Have a Garage Sale or Donate Old Items

____ Organize Tools, Garden Equipment, Bicycles, etc.


____ Throw a Colorful Quilt Over Bed

____ Pick Up a Few House Plants (Throw Out Old Plants)

____ Strategically Place Wicker Baskets

____ Borrow Colorful Prints to Fill Bare Spots on Walls

____ Add Large Mirror to Entryway to Enhance Spaciousness

____ Hummingbird and Bird Feeders Create a Pleasant mood Outside


____ Remove (and Replace if Applicable) Any Items that will Not be Included in the Sale of the Property such as Light Fixtures.


What a Difference a Day Can Make!

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Cindy Day

About Cindy Day

Broker Associate


What a Difference a Day Can Make!

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